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    RD-Monoguard Clear Glossy

    Technical sheet

    Glossy quick-drying anti-rust primer/finish varnish, providing universal adhesion and exceptional performance.

    This single-component water-based anti-rust paint is truly one of a kind.

    This varnish boasts corrosion-resistant properties well above average, having undergone rigorous salt spray resistance testing. It is perfectly suited for protecting outdoor metal structures. Furthermore, it is available in three different finishes: matte, satin, and glossy.

    RD-Monoguard Clear is the ideal solution for long-lasting protection of metal surfaces against corrosion when you want to preserve the visual appearance of raw steel, existing paint layers, or even existing rust.

    When objects that need protection are exposed to more severe chemical or mechanical aggressions, such as exposure to chemicals, abrasion, or scratches, we recommend applying one or two coats of our two-component polyurethane varnish, RD-Hydrograff HP Clear, available in matte, satin, and glossy finishes.

    From €38.01 VAT incl.

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    1 l
    €38.01 VAT incl.
    Price per L: €38.01 VAT incl., surface 1 coat: 7.14m²
    5 l
    €167.46 VAT incl.
    Price per L: €33.49 VAT incl., surface 1 coat: 35.71m²
    20 l
    €644.45 VAT incl.
    Price per L: €32.22 VAT incl., surface 1 coat: 142.86m²
    Total VAT incl. : 0
    Total quantity selected (L): 0
    Average price VAT incl. per L: 0
    Theoretical surface that can be painted in 2 coats with the ordered quantity (*) : 0

    (*) the quantity indicated is theoretical and is based on a standard consumption of the product as described in the technical sheet below. This consumption is also influenced by the nature of the support and the method of application.

    Technical sheet

    Description of the product


    Fast drying Primer/Finish high performance anti-corrosion varnish with universal adherence.


    Single component water-based varnish based on a special blend of innovative resins for the protection of metal surfaces, objects and engineered structures against corrosion and weathering. RD-Monoguard Clear is a DTM (Direct-To-Metal) type of coating that can be applied directly to various type of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Its special formulation and ingredients offer incredible durability when it comes to protecting steel against corrosion, even without priorly blasting the surface.

    RD-Monoguard Clear is water-based, easy to handle, safe and has no fire risks. 

    It is a fast-drying coating system that greatly reduces downtime during installation and increases on-site labour productivity.

    Virtually odour free, it does not affect neighbouring occupants and can therefore be used in occupied buildings. 

    RD-Monoguard Clear is UV resistant and its film forms a neat and tidy enamel type of finish. Tested to be used in the most severe environments, RD-Monoguard Clear is particularly interesting to use on surfaces where you would like to keep vintage, rusty, weathered or any other original appearance of the object.

    RD-Monoguard Clear is part of the SCS – Single Coating System - product group.


    Steel, new and old galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, …


    Renovation of steel located indoor and in moderate environments

    Wet film thickness in microns / mils

    Dry film thickness in microns / mils

    Consumption per m² / ft² per gallon



    RD-Monoguard Clear

    145 / 5,7

    50 / 2

    0,14 l / 285

    High lifespan > 15 years


    RD-Monoguard Clear

    145 / 5,7

    50 / 2

    0,14 l / 285



    100 / 4

    0,28 l / 143


    Other option for higher abrasion resistance



    RD-Monoguard Clear

    145 / 5,7

    50 / 2

    0,14 l / 285

    High lifespan > 15 years


    RD-Hydrograff HP Clear

    125 / 5

    50 / 2

    0,13 l / 325



    150 / 6



    Risks of chemical spills or graffitis:

    The system can be top coated by one or two coats of RD-Hydrograff HP Clear High Gloss if not already used in the system.

    Indicated consumption is theoretical and does not consider potential losses during application. It can also be influenced by the porosity of the substrate.

    Application instructions


    Ambient temperature: minimum 5°C (41°F) – optimal between 12 and 25°C (54 and 77°F).
    Relative humidity: maximum 80%
    Surface temperature must be minimum 3°C (5°F) above dew point.


    Brush, roller or airless (nozzle size: 010–012)
    Application by airless is recommended and makes it easier to reach the recommended thicknesses. Use a device that allows a minimum pressure of 70-150 bar / 1000 - 2000 psi at the outlet.


    The substrate must be clean: dry, degreased and dust free. Non adhering elements such as older coatings or rust must be removed.

    Different type of surface preparation is possible:

    1/ Remove rust manually or by power tool to ST2 – ISO 8501-1/SSPC SP2 or SP3.
    2/ Blasting to SA 2½ - ISO 8501-1/NACE3/SSPC SP6.
    3/ High pressure washing following SSPC SP12 WJ4.

    Repainting alkyd resin-based paints: Perform an adhesion test beforehand if the paint is recent or less than a year old. Optionally, lightly sand the surface before painting.


    Product is ready-for-use. Dilute with maximum 3% water when applying by airless or in warm weather conditions (> 25°C / > 77°F).

    DRYING TIME (20°C - 68°F):

    Touch dry: +/- 1 hour depending on thickness
    Recoatable: +/- 2 hours depending on film thickness
    Possible to apply wet on wet in special conditions.




    Mix well before use.

    Technical data

    FINISH (Gardner 60°):

    Glossy: +/- 70 % +/- 5




    1.05 +/- 0.05 g/cm³


    In weight:  38% +/-2
    In volume: 35% +/-2


    30 - 50 P (Brookfield 20RPM)


    < 45 g/l


    Not flammable


    Minimum 24 months protected from frost and excessive temperatures in its original closed packaging.

    Norms and tests


    ISO 9227 / ISO 4628


    ISO 6270 / ISO 4628


    ISO 2409


    ISO 1522


    ISO 15184

    ISO 16000-6 / VOC Classification in France

    Safety data

    Information related to hygiene and to safety can be found in the Safety Data Sheet available on request.

    These specifications are given for information. Since the manufacturer is not able to check the application of the products, he cannot accept any responsibility for it. This technical data sheet replaces all previous editions.

    VERS. S059/240220