Industrial water paintings also protect works of art!

Industrial water paintings also protect works of art!

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We are pleased to see the wide variety of applications that our coatings allow.

This work of art was created in 1972 by Alexander Calder, an American sculptor best known for his innovative kinetic sculptures powered by motors or drafts.

Called the «4 wings», the work was created in 1972 and is located in Barcelona at the Fundació Joan Miró.

The work has been renovated using one of our most advanced corrosion protection systems, consisting of RD-Monoguard and RD-Hydrograff HP. A high-performance water-based system with a low COVs content that can be applied almost anywhere and at any time without disturbing visitors and passers-by.

This combination of products will help the sculpture retain its bright red colour under the Catalan sun and protect the metal from corrosion accentuated by the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea.

Photo credit: Joan Condins – Traderfill.