RD-Monoguard selected for the renovation of the Øresund bridge

RD-Monoguard selected for the renovation of the Øresund bridge

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RD Coatings’high performance water-based anti-corrosion RD-Monoguard paint system has been selected for the 300,000 m²/3.2 mn ft² renovation project of one of Europe’s longest bridges, connecting Denmark to Sweden over the Øresund Strait. The bridge is over 7.8 kilometres/4.8 miles long and is famous for its two-level transport system combining rail and road traffic.

The project will start in spring 2020 and is scheduled to be completed by 2032. Contracting company Muehlhan has won the first part of the contract.

With almost 40 years of experience in using water-based anti-corrosion technologies, Danish company AcryMatic Coating – who represents RD Coatings -, has pioneered these eco-friendly solutions to Denmark and Sweden, and has successfully sourced RD Coatings technologies to renovate many of the largest bridges owned by Banedanmark and the Danish Road Directorate.

3 in 1

Together with Muehlhan, they were instrumental in presenting this innovative, water-based anti-corrosion solution to the Øresund Consortium. After several field trials, RD-Monoguard was selected for its very specific advanced formulation that combines in one single product the different properties and performances that are usually found in three different traditional solvent-based anti-corrosion paints!

“The most important performances for bridge coatings are high adhesion, high anti-corrosion, high resistance to water and erosion, high UV resistance and of course durability”, explains Dr Philippe Rondou, owner of RD Coatings. “RD-Monoguard high-tech formulation combines all these properties into one single product!”.

In addition, RD-Monoguard has proven to offer greater ease of application and flexibility, a safer product and lower downtime periods. Last but not least, it also has a positive impact on the environment thanks to its very low VOC level.

“Being able to choose a durable paint that is also more sustainable for the environment feels really good”, says Bengt Hergart, civil engineering director at Øresund Bridge. “The choice of paint is very important, not least from an environmental perspective. But it must also be a paint that lasts well and provides good protection for a long time”, he adds.

In marine environments, water-based paints are not as common as epoxy paints, but there are reference objects where water-based paints have been used very successfully. The Storstrømsbroen and Limfjordsbron bridges, for example, have been coated using RD-Elastometal, another popular water-based anti-corrosion paint from RD Coatings.

Results exceeded expectations

“Even though our modelling was optimistic, our test results exceeded our expectations, proving that the water-based paint system can meet the same durability standards as a traditional epoxy/ polyurethane based paint”, explains Pia Sønderby Jessen, SHEQ Director at Muehlhan.

RD-Monoguard has been tested intensively in various environments including harsh marine conditions. Already used on other bridges or steel structures and objects across the world, RD-Monoguard has proven to be a very reliable coating system that attracts an ever-increasing client base.

Trials of RD-Monoguard on Øresund Bridge

Find out why RD-Monoguard has been chosen to renovate one of the largest bridge in Europa

Breaking established codes

Dr Philippe Rondou is proud of this latest product development which is relatively unique. “One of the daily challenges we give ourselves is to break established codes in the anti-corrosion industry. For many, protecting steel with water-based products is still inconceivable! But mindsets are changing, and we can capitalize on a growing number of references in Asia, North America, Africa and Europe that prove that our technology not only performs very well, but sometimes outclasses established technologies” he says.

“The prestigious Øresund bridge project will certainly provide a great boost to our core message stating that our products offer equivalent or better performances compared to traditional solvent-based solutions, with many additional advantages such as safety, ease of application, and environmental responsibility”, adds Jean-Xavier Van Laethem, Sales & Marketing Manager at RD Coatings.

RD Coatings hopes that this project, together with the many existing references, will create new opportunities in other regions of the world where bridge owners may be searching for innovative and eco-friendly technologies.

RD-Monoguard is part of the anti-corrosion product range of Belgian company RD Coatings – Dothée. This family-owned company focuses its R&D exclusively on water-based coating technologies. The company is active worldwide with several landmark products for anti-corrosion, concrete protection and waterproofing, such as RD-Elastometal, RD-Elastoflex and RD-Elastodeck.

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