Protecting sidewall metal claddings against graffiti or chemical contamination

RD-Hydrograff HP is a quick to apply and very effective preventive solution when it comes to protecting surfaces from graffiti or pollution contaminants from nearby industrial activity.

The products you need

The problem

Metal facade claddings regularly fall victim to graffiti or pollution in the surrounding area. In the first case, it is mainly the aesthetics of the building that is affected and the image of the company.

In the second case, for example due to polluting fumes from a factory in the direct vicinity, it is often the entire cladding that is damaged and its deterioration accelerates due to the detachment of the coating that is supposed to protect it.

Although it is often very difficult to tackle the cause of the problem, it is possible to protect metal facades with a very resistant coating that is both easily decontaminated and highly resistant to chemical attack.

The solution described below is preventive and suitable for situations where the cladding is technically in good condition. Please refer to the other cladding solutions if the cladding has to be repainted first.

The solution


RD-Hydrograff HP Clear is a two-component water-based polyurethane varnish that is extremely resistant to abrasion and chemical contamination. After application, it forms a flexible, highly sealed transparent film that is mechanically and chemically very resistant. It is also available in a coloured version.

/!\ These products are for professional use only.

Protection against graffiti

In the case of graffiti, the very sealed film of RD-Hydrograff HP avoids the penetration of the graffiti, which remains on the surface. This makes it easier to clean and remove with a high-pressure cleaner and detergents. In addition, RD-Hydrograff HP will withstand high pressure cleaning, which would not necessarily be the case with the original cladding that is not suited to such pressures.


Protection against chemical aggression

In case of contamination either by liquid agents or by fumes from chimneys or ventilation systems, the high performance of the RD-Hydrograff HP film acts as a protective layer against these aggressions and will preserve the lower layers.

The cladding of this factory is attacked and destroyed by substances from the fan of the neighbouring building.

Recommended quantity and thickness

RD-Hydrograff HP Clear: 0,10 L/m² for 40 µ sec - 400 p²/gallon for 1,6 mils sec.
RD-Hydrograff HP: 0,08 L/m² for 40 µ sec - 480 p²/gallon for 1,6 mils sec.

One to two coats must be applied depending on the type of surface and the problem.

RD-Hydrograff HP is available in tinted or varnished (CLEAR) versions, each in three gloss levels: GLOSSY - SATIN - MAT.

Notice that it is the varnished (CLEAR) and glossy version that offers the highest resistance.

Benefits of the system

This system offers multiple advantages for the contractor and the applicator:

- low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels
- quick and easy to use solution
- reduced downtime
- extensively tested worldwide
- very good durability

Our water-based products prevent:

- bringing hazardous products to the site while eliminating the risk of fire or explosion
- nuisances in the vicinity with annoying odours during and after application
(however, wearing a mask is mandatory during application)

Getting ready


When working outdoors, avoid starting a job if rain is forecast within 4 hours of application. A minimum of 12°C / 54°F is recommended for comfortable working conditions with higher productivity.

Avoid working in direct sunlight, especially in very hot areas, where early morning or late evening work is preferred. Ensure that there is no condensation on the surface before and during application, and during the first hours of drying. In the case of facades, it is sometimes possible to work according to the rotation of the sun, preferring the shaded area in summer and in very hot weather and the sunny area in cooler weather.

Ensure that there is no condensation on the surface before and during application, as well as during the first few hours of drying.

Surface preparation

The surface must be clean, dry, degreased and free of any contaminants. The most convenient and quickest way to achieve this is to clean the surface with a high pressure washer powered at a minimum of 150 bar / 2000 psi. This method removes contaminants and dirt from the surface.
Moss and mildew can be removed with appropriate cleaners. Preferably use easily available and highly effective biodegradable solutions.

Then spray RD-Eco Power Clean over the entire surface and leave for +/- 15 minutes. Rinse with clean water.


RD-Hydrograff HP is best applied by brush or roller to specific areas and airless to the main areas. If spraying is not possible, for example due to windy conditions, the coating can be applied by roller.

Choose a brush or roller for water-based paints.

Specifications for spray application

Pneumatic: nozzle at 1.4 mm / 0.05 inch - pressure 4 to 6 bar (60 to 90 psi)
Airless: nozzle 007 to 009 - pressure +/- 70 bar (+/- 1000 psi)

At the end of the job, clean your equipment with plain water or according to the equipment manufacturer's manual.

Beware of overthickness!

It is not necessary to apply RD-Hydrograff HP in a thick layer. Too thick a layer can cause bubbles to appear in the film. Follow the recommendations and use several layers if more thickness is required.

The application

Mixing and dilution

RD-Hydrograff HP is a two-component product consisting of a base (component A) and a hardener (component B). Just before application, slowly add component B to component A by mixing mechanically.

After mixing, allow to stand for approximately 5-10 minutes until air bubbles disappear.

Mixing ratio for the RD-Hydrograff HP Clear varnish version:
By weight per 1 kg: 170 g of component B for 850 g of component A
By volume: 1 part component B for 5.5 parts component A

Do not add any thinner or water to the mixture!

Pot life

The pot life of the mixture is 2 hours at 20°C / 68°F. After this time, the mixture can no longer be used and must be disposed of in accordance with current regulations. This period becomes shorter the warmer the weather.


Set an alarm so that the mixing time is not exceeded. RD-Hydrograff HP is available in small containers, order a container size according to the estimated application time.

Application of RD-Hydrograff HP

Whether applying with an airless or a roller, avoid overthickness as bubbles may appear in the film.

After a few hours, even when the paint film is dry, a chemical reaction still continues for several days. This is typical of two-component products. It is therefore important to avoid graffiti or chemical contamination immediately after painting.

This reaction time is influenced by the temperature; the warmer it is, the faster the reaction.

Drying time (at 20°C / 68°F)

Touchdry: 6 hours
Recoatable: min. 8 hours, max. 72 hours, without sanding

Particularities of RD-Hydrograff HP Clear varnish

When applied, the product will have a whitish, milky appearance. It becomes transparent as it dries.

VERS. S19-230310