Our company

Dothée S.A. is a Belgian family business manufacturer of paints and coatings located in Assesse, 40 minutes south of Brussels.

RD COATINGS is the range of technical products composed exclusively of high performance water-based coatings used primarily for ANTI-CORROSION, CONCRETE PROTECTION and WATERPROOFING.

Our DNA is to offer high added value products and sustained support to our customers.

Research & development

Research and development are at the heart of our business. We have a team dedicated to finding innovative and efficient solutions, allowing us to respond to the most common requests to the most complex.

Performing tools

Flexibility is central to our business. Whether it's a few kilograms or several tons, thanks to modern production tools, our production and logistics departments are on the alert to respond to your requests very quickly.

Customer service

A very accessible team, available, and at your disposal to guide you and advise you on the best solutions. Technical support that assists you on site and makes the link with research & development to provide the most adequate solution.

Our Story

Our story begins in 1946 on the banks of the Meuse river in Jambes when the Dothée family decides to start the production of industrial paints necessary for the reconstruction of the infrastructure destroyed during the Second World War.

For more than fifty years, the Dothée factory has been a privileged supplier to major contractors such as railways, the Ministry of Public Works, infrastructure, etc.

Dothée specializes mainly in anticorrosion paints, road markings and floor coverings for sports fields.

In 2000, a new page turned with the takeover of the company by Dr Philippe Rondou, a specialist in industrial paints and particularly those in aqueous phase.

At the instigation of Dr Rondou, a new factory was built in Assesse in 2004. It is equipped with modern production tools which allow it to increase its R&D capacities and start a real expansion of the company internationally. .

RD Coatings

Building on its specialization in water-based industrial coatings, the RD Coatings product range was created immediately to offer technical solutions, exclusively water-based, for the conservation of structures, construction and the maintenance of industrial, commercial and residential buildings and infrastructure, and the painting of various equipment.

RD Coatings offers innovative solutions for ANTI-CORROSION, CONCRETE PROTECTION and WATERPROOFING.

A coherent and accessible range

Our solutions are economical and offer many advantages to all parties involved in the project. From the applicator to the client, including the specifiers.

- A simple and understandable range, limited in number of products;

- Mainly single-component products, easy to use, limiting the risk of errors;

- Simple, efficient and rapid application methods, resulting in considerable time savings;

- Very high performance and durability, certified by external laboratories;

- No solvents, less dangers and better for our environment, eco-responsibility.

Superior performance products and solutions

RD Coatings has established an international reputation for its very high quality waterborne protective coatings which have demonstrated their superior performance on various projects around the world.

It is evident today, both in an extreme maritime environment and in a milder area such as inland, that RD Coatings products are proving to be as reliable as many traditional zinc-epoxy-polyurethane and other systems. solvent-based paints.

Many of our systems have been tested and accredited by external laboratories that can prove this performance, but above all it is the millions of square meters of protected surface around the world.

More and more architects, designers and project managers are eager to use our solutions that are easier to manage, safer and better for the environment.

A growing network

Continuous investments in R&D, production of innovative products and our customer support allow more than 80% of production to be exported worldwide today.

RD Coatings systems are available on most continents thanks to a growing network of contractors offering high level expertise and excellent customer service.

A local footprint

Our company is very present locally and many inhabitants of Namur and its region trust Dothée paintings by supplying themselves daily in colors to renovate and maintain their property.

Under our Paint & Co brand, we also produce quality decorative paints for homes and businesses. These paintings are available at our factory outlet in Erpent or on a site dedicated to this decorative range www.dothee-shop.be

We also support sport and local heritage by being associated with the Hockey Namur field hockey team, a dynamic and very promising team at the national level, and the voluntary association of Chemin de Fer du Bocq, which maintains thanks to our paintings one of the most picturesque historic railway lines in Belgium!


Flexibility & Support

In the continuity of our family business spirit, and because we know what it means to work on site, to be confronted with the vagaries and the multiple facets of a project, we are proud to be able to offer maximum support to our partners. The whole company is behind our customers: production - research and development - sales department - technical department.

Performances & Quality

Our challenge is to offer you the best quality at the best price. High technicality, continuous R&D, innovative raw materials and latest generation formulations. Our products are made to last and preserve your goods for a very long time.


We are committed to focusing only on developing products that are more favorable to our environment. We strongly believe that RD Coatings’s water-based technology can compete and perform just as well, if not better, against solvent-based coatings, and we prove it! By replacing solvent-based products with our technology, you help reduce CO2 emissions and all the associated risks.

"The Brussels airport company regularly and successfully uses protective and waterproofing coatings from RD Coatings (de-icing installation, tunnel walls under runway 25R, airside road lighting outlets and other metal constructions)" .


We are manufacturers of high quality water based coatings. We offer solutions for the protection of the building envelope, metal structures, industrial infrastructure, floors, etc.

Our specialties are: anti-corrosion, liquid waterproofing, concrete protection and wear resistance.

High specialization degree

Continuous investments in R&D, our regular participation in extra-company research projects make our products very special. More than 70% of our production is exported all over the world such as Japan, United States, Denmark, Netherlands, South Africa, Poland.

References around the world

Skyscrapers in New York, bridges in Denmark, factories in Japan, wastewater treatment plant in Bulgaria, reservoirs in Belgium. Our coatings are developed to be applied on various projects and in different environments and climates!

100% water-dilutable products

A complete range of water-based paints. Our products can replace solvent-based paints on many occasions, offering our customers not only the ability to use more environmentally friendly products but also simpler and safer systems!

High yield & superior productivity

A product range composed mainly of single-component and 100% water-based coatings allows for easier, faster and more competitive project management. The high performance characteristics of our products, combined with these benefits, ensure our customers greater productivity and therefore competitiveness.