What we do

We are manufacturers of high quality water based coatings. We offer solutions for the protection of the building envelope, metal structures, industrial infrastructure, floors, etc.

Our specialties are: anti-corrosion, liquid waterproofing, concrete protection and wear resistance.

100% water-dilutable products
A complete range of water-based paints. Our products can replace solvent-based paints on many occasions, offering our customers not only the ability to use more environmentally friendly products but also simpler and safer systems!
High specialization degree
Continuous investments in R&D, our regular participation in extra-company research projects make our products very special. More than 70% of our production is exported all over the world such as Japan, United States, Denmark, Netherlands, South Africa, Poland.
References around the world
Skyscrapers in New York, bridges in Denmark, factories in Japan, wastewater treatment plant in Bulgaria, reservoirs in Belgium. Our coatings are developed to be applied on various projects and in different environments and climates!
High yield & superior productivity
A product range composed mainly of single-component and 100% water-based coatings allows for easier, faster and more competitive project management. The high performance characteristics of our products, combined with these benefits, ensure our customers greater productivity and therefore competitiveness.