RD-Elastometal was able to restore the various metal structures and provide long-term corrosion protection.

RD Coatings products were used for the renovation of two MBTA subway stations in Boston, MA, USA.

This project was part of a large, multi-faceted existing urban public transportation renovation. Both stations required a full restoration of the existing coating systems on walls and ceilings. The challenges in the re-coating included working in an underground environment that prohibited the use of any solvent-borne coating technologies. Additionally the stations were in operation during the project. The contractor had to remove multiple layers of old flaking and peeling existing coating. Abrasive blasting could not be performed, so low-volume water jetting was used.

RD-Elastoflex for masonry and cemented areas to conceal old cracks and prevent new ones.

The selection of the replacement coating required a low stress, low VOC/odor coating technology that could be applied to marginally prepared concrete and steel substrates. Larry Mitkus, Righter Group’s, Coating Consultant recommended RD Coatings, a single component waterborne technology that could be applied in this environment.

Two systems were recommended; RD-Elastometal for any steel substrates and RD-Elastoflex for concrete and masonry surfaces. The finish coat was RD-Monograff (RD-Monovar PU), an acrylic/polyurethane hybrid that provided the perfect finish that is resistant to abrasion and contamination.

RD-Monograff (RD-Monovar PU) as a finishing varnish to provide lasting protection for the work carried out against various aggressions such as daily rubbing by users, acts of vandalism, etc.

Thanks to our water-based products from the RD Coatings range, the work could be completed in a minimum of time, without inconveniencing workers or users.

The painting contractor and his crew were very pleased with the fact they (and the general public) weren’t subjected to solvents in this confined environment. Their foreman stated “when the painters are happy about not having to be exposed to chemicals production increases, delays are limited and other trades don’t shut us down”.

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